On the Other Side


155-4.JPGOn the other side of Ben Bulben…through the fields, past the forest, into the valley

On the other side of what we see…through the joy, past the hardships, into the valley

Peace and love await, the arms of Jesus outward held

Beauty and truth and freedom

c2016 Lisa Lyons

6 thoughts on “On the Other Side

    • I am up and walking….partial weight bearing with the walker, and getting a little stronger each day. It’s so hard to get myself to put more and more weight on that foot….my therapist says to push it to the edge of the pain and stop, but how do you know where that edge is? haha 🙂 So I am moving along as bravely as I can….repeating, “When I am weak, I am strong.” often. But God is good, and I know He is healing, in his time. I know that you know all about this, but this has been so good for my patience, for slowing down life. Even people around me are slowing down more, and that’s been nice. But I do miss driving….hoping to be cleared for that soon by doctor. See him again on the 22nd for xrays and adjusting the boot into neutral position. (it’s been set with my toes slightly down so that the posterior tib tendon can heal.) Hope that that cough is a memory in a few days. 🙂 Always enjoy hearing from you, Jennifer! Love, Lisa

      • Oh yes, I can relate. I too remember being afraid to over do it. I also remember having the boot adjusted. I am praying and believing that this is IT for you! 😀 As soon as I was weight bearing I had clearance to drive. I break with my left foot though, which helps. I also have a Honda Element which is pretty spacious. I pray that you will have that freedom again soon! Lifting you up for that appointment! ❤

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