Looking Back in Order to Look Forward


Music can take me back to a place, a feeling, smells, sound, sight….in just a moment.

Sometimes by looking back, I become inspired to look forward….to new places, new feelings, new smells, new sounds, new sights.  Because God isn’t finished with this story yet, and He has much to reveal to me.

I pray that your 2016 is full of Him….Jesus in whom we live, and move, and have our being.  The Author of all our stories, and the Giver of that happy ending we’re all looking for but can’t quite grasp…eternal life with Him.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back in Order to Look Forward

  1. What beautiful inspiration to end 2015! May we all begin 2016 with hope in our hearts and full trust in God’s blessings for our lives because our God is Good, and he loves us all so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR, LISA!

  2. Happy New Year, Lisa! Didn’t find a new post yet today, but I w]saw something new on your post yesterday that I loved! Your beautiful piano instrumental of Red is the Rose, that I overlooked yesterday, really touched my heart and was so reflective as I begin 2016! Thank you!

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