Sunshine is a wonderful thing…it warms, it encourages, it grows, it inspires, it lights.  And spreading sunshine to others is a contagious and wonderful thing also.  I want to thank Cate over at for nominating me for a Sunshine Award.  You cheered and encouraged my day!  🙂


Here are 10 little snippets about me:

1.  I love love.  Loving God, loving my husband and family, loving my friends, loving my dog, loving travel, loving the ocean….well, you get the idea.

2.  I love Ireland.  If I could live anywhere else but here in beautiful Virginia, that would be the place.  Preferably on the west coast in a little village near the sea.

3.  I love music.  I enjoy playing the piano, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, and singing.   And sometimes, I write songs…..great way to express yourself when you feel like you can’t any other way.

4.  I love writing this blog and reading others I enjoy.  It starts my day off right.

5.  I love to read.  Preferably fiction filled with quirky, funny characters.  Also anything that makes me laugh is always good.

6.  I love to laugh, but I don’t do it enough.  But I’ve been trying to laugh more and often, and it feels great!

7.  I love petting my furry dog.  He’s a cockapoo, and he’s awesome.

8.  I love learning new things….new words, new languages (although I never master any of them!!), new places, new instruments.  I don’t like to be bored.

9.  I love to talk to people who have interesting, deep ideas and thoughts.   Long discussions about cool things make me happy!

10.  I love trying to come up with 10 things for this list….although now I am scraping the bottom of the barrel, and this is not even a real thing.  😉

I decided to nominate some photography bloggers who have put some sunshine into my days…check out their beautiful and inspiring photographs.   Blessings, Lisa

Thank you to these blogs for keeping my eyes open to all the beauty that God has placed around us.

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