The Nearness, The Blessing

The beauty of this video I found reduced me to happy tears, tears of relief and love and cleansing. I pray that you know without a shadow of a doubt that God is very near to you, right now. Always. Blessings, Lisa

5 thoughts on “The Nearness, The Blessing

  1. Wat an amazing blessing. I could not ask for more, nor should I wish any less for those I love and are near and dear to me. Thank you Lisa. Your posts are both a blessing and an inspiration to me.

    • Thank you for your kind words and the kind heart behind those words. God is indeed an amazing “blesser”….I just have to open my eyes and see them all. 🙂 Lisa

    • I’m glad you liked that blessing as much as I did this morning. It’s good to remember, never forget, all the blessings being poured out. Have an awesome afternoon, or evening, or whatever time it is when you read this. 🙂 Lisa

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