Technical Difficulties, or the 1963 Post

I had a great post ready this morning…a video of 1963 Ireland, complete with a wonderfully understated step dancer, an adept fiddler, and a very well-dressed early 60’s crowd. But alas, technical difficulties beset the best of my intentions, and no such post appeared. So, rather like a silent movie, I will insert a still shot and let your imagination provide the rest. Or, for if your imagination is on temporary vacation, you can click on this link, and see if you can bring the actual video to life on your computer. Slainte, Lisa


Just like now, faster is not always better.  The precision and accuracy of the player and dancer takes great talent.  Love it!  No technical difficulties on their part.

4 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties, or the 1963 Post

    • Yes, when I was little, I would dance in my room, and in my mind, I was leaping so high. 🙂 In reality, I was probably just clearing the level of the floor. But many happy hours were spent dreaming. Thanks for writing! Lisa

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