Making and Fixing


BancoWe live in a small rural village in Virginia.  Close to the mountains with farmland and foothills all around us.  Yesterday our little corner of the world was bustling with activity.  The three doors down artist was outside in his field with easel and paints, capturing green fields and children playing.  The two doors down mechanics were changing huge tires on an even bigger tractor.  The next door cabinetmaker was creating new custom furniture from old beautiful wood.  And me?  Well, I was teaching students how to make music the best I could…sculpting and shaping their notes into phrases that communicate something, hopefully something beautiful.  Making, fixing, creating….it made me grateful for the neighbors, for their amazing work ethic, for how they find joy and fulfillment in what they do.  And it made me grateful that we are all made in God’s image….creating is what He does and continues to do every day.  He’s making new people, fixing old ones, and creating beautiful things everywhere you go.  And that is something to smile about.  :)Slainte, Lisa

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