Invincible Summer

In the depth of winter,


I finally learned that within me there lay


An invincible summer.  – Albert Camus

summer strength

I love this quote.  Strength, hope, future.  And that strength, hope and future lies in God.  He will not let me go, and He won’t let you go either.  Rest in that today.  Slainte, Lisa

*Speaking of summer vs. winter, the results of yesterday’s escape poll are in.

Which beautiful place in the world would you be?

Answer Votes Percent
Floating in Caribbean blue waters 3 43%
Exploring a castle on the cliffs of Ireland 2 29%
Hiking the mountain of your choice 2 29%
Other (leave your choice in the comments section) 0  

7 thoughts on “Invincible Summer

    • Oooh…Italy sounds wonderful. Floating on a gondola in Venice, exploring Florence, chilling out in the countryside…..I’ve never been, but would love to one day. Thanks for commenting! Lisa

    • I’m sorry the poll wouldn’t listen to you….I hereby declare Caribbean waters and mountain hiking in a tie! 🙂

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