It’s Only Us

“There is much satisfaction in work well done; praise is sweet, but there can be no happiness equal to the joy of finding a heart that understands.”  – Victor Robinson

I’m reflective this morning.  (uh-oh)  Writing all that stuff yesterday in the blogathon has done that to me, and now to you.  Blogging has an amazing side effect that is wonderful…it helps all of us to see that we’re not so different as we think we are.  We are all created humans that are loved by an amazing God, and we all think and move and breathe and dream and hope.  So this post is just a thank you, to all of you whose blogs inspire me and challenge me and help me to see that we can try to understand each other, because we’re all in this ship together.  And if we cling onto the Captain, we can try to love each other just a fraction of how much He loves us.  And that would be a whole lot.  Slainte, Lisa

“Is it time for reason, is it time for trust?  Well there’s no them, only us….is it time for reason, has your heart had enough?  Is it time to let go and rise above?” – (Rise Above, Spiderman Musical, Bono & Edge)


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