Places to Go and People to See

Take a good look at this picture of a street in Dingle, Ireland.  Click on it and blow it up really big so you can see all you need to.  I am always very curious as to what you focus on when you see it.  The cones perhaps and questions of why they are there?  The happy baby in the stroller?  Murphy’s Pub where you could settle down in a cozy snug and eat and drink and listen to some trad musicians?  Maybe the bright yellow shop at the end where you could look for the perfect souvenir or warm Aran sweater to take home?  It’s been so cool throughout the life of this blog to hear what different people see in a picture.  It really shows the wonderful myriad of personalities that God has made in this world, and how we’re so alike, but yet so unique.  🙂

After I hear from some of you, I will share what I focus on primarily.  Slainte, Lisa

10 thoughts on “Places to Go and People to See

  1. Haha…I just clicked on the picture to make sure it would behave…and sure enough, it is flipped on it’s side. Those of you with a tablet or iphone should have no problem…those of you with bigger computers….just tilt your head to the side a bit. 🙂 A bit of craic for your morning. Lisa

  2. I notice the colors and architecture of the buildings first but I always settle on a cross, like the one holding the Murphy’s Bed & Breakfast sign. I’m reminded of my need but it’s also a gift, like a lover’s whisper….I love you this much. My heart is filled and I smile.

  3. I loved the colours! The chimmeys are intriguing as well as the lone antenna. It might be a UHF or a TV. Makes me wonder if they have cable or just live without television. (We all might be better off if we did.) The flower boxes indicate perhaps early spring? Like the picture and also the thought process – although my neck is kind of stiff.

    • Good catch on the antenna…you have a gift for seeing things that others don’t. I love the colors also; it’s amazing how all those colors sit together on the street without looking tacky. As for the neck, don’t say you weren’t warned. 🙂

  4. I think the first thing that caught my eye enough to focus on for a bit was the lady with the stroller. I also couldn’t help but notice the missing hubcap on the dirty maroon car in front of the line of cars. Why does this make me suspicious of that car? I wonder…

    • Haha…love it, Jeff! I did not notice that missing hubcap. I get such a kick out of how we all see different things. When I see that picture, I get fixated on the conversation that the ladies are having on the sidewalk. What are they talking about? Are they with that guy that’s reading the menu at the pub?

  5. Hey Jeff – maybe the car lost his hubcab in the “pothole” they are fixing. (If that is what it is.) Good eye! Didn’t see it but you are right, there is some ominous going on there.

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