Painted Sheep

Grazing on the edge"I almost touched one!"Disclaimer:  I know nothing about sheep, other than they are fuzzy, rather cute, and enjoy eating grass.

Another thing to love about Ireland is the vast amount of furry, posterior-painted sheep that dot the rural landscape.  They are everywhere.  And they seem to enjoy a great deal of grazing and roaming freedom compared to the limited number of American sheep I have observed.  The colors painted on the sheep help farmers to identify their flock, and therefore, they seem to feel rather laid-back about letting the little darlings run around, eat, and do other sheep-like things.

They particularly seem to love historic ruins, and always can be found running around their past.  A funny sheep anecdote:  My husband and son ascended Carrantuohill, the highest mountain in Ireland, after a few strenuous hours of climbing and scrambling over large rocks.  As they are resting on the summit, they spy several agile sheep virtually running to the top, no huffing or puffing amongst them at all.  Kind of killed their egos, but it made for a funny story.

Go find your green pastures and still waters today, and rest beside your Shepherd.

Slainte, Lisa

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