Unpredictable and Beautiful

You can’t predict the ocean. There is a general rhythm and feel to the waves on a certain day, but sometimes a larger, more powerful wave will arise seemingly out of nowhere.  You have two, sometimes three choices.  Try to jump over it, dive under it, or ride it in to shore.  (The fourth choice, getting crunched, is not worth talking about.)  Of the three, I love to ride them in…the amazing rush as the power lifts you up, carries you along, and then drops you quickly onto the beach.  And then you get up, and immediately want to go out and feel that rush again.

Life of course is like this…unpredictable, but with rushes of excitement that come from the unexpected and powerful.  As someone who likes a certain amount of control, this is terrifying at times.  But the older I get, the more I realize that this lack of control and not being able to know the future is good for me.  My faith increases; I become more patient; I learn to look for the rush of the good wave.

Slainte, Lisa

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