God is Love and Beauty and Truth

Have you noticed the sunset, all the different colors blending together in perfect and always different patterns? Have you listened to your favorite music, really listened, and felt tears of overwhelming happiness threaten to burst out? Have you traveled to your favorite place, whether it be a raging ocean or a peaceful mountaintop, and known that there was something more than you, much bigger than just this life we see? Then you have sensed the presence of God, and His great love for you. This blog will talk about many things. I am a musician who loves, loves, loves Irish music, traditional and contemporary. I am a traveler who loves to see new places, but usually places with lots of water to quiet my thoughts. I am a wife and mom who tries everyday to be a good one, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. I am a child of wonderful parents. I yearn to create, to matter, to count. I long to feel God’s touch in my life. Let’s encourage each other with things of truth, of beauty, of love, of music, of mercy. If you love these things, I’d love to hear from you, and enjoy talking about life.


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