New Vs. Old

Looking at this picture, it’s easy to tell which one’s the new one…little Amy is new, eager, and ready to take on the beach, the water, the castle, the day.  The castle has some years on it, but it still stands majestic and strong in the background.  The castle, by the mere fact of its age and “wow, that’s cool” factor, is the goal and aim of our beach trip.  How will we cross the water and reach it?  (See the end of the story to find out if we did!)

This got me thinking about new vs. old, and the qualities of each.

NEW:  exciting, different, energetic, has no major bumps or bruises yet, wide-eyed, unjaded, innocent, shiny.

OLD:  solid and sturdy, knowledgeable, full of great stories, lots of mileage with good memories attached, sentimental, still has many good years and stories ahead, knows enough to look for the good in everything, realizes that life is precious.

All of you could probably add lots more to this list….let me hear your thoughts on old vs. new.

By the way, we did make it across the water to the wonderful old castle by foarding across some shallow water with stones.  And yes, we did get our pants wet, and yes, we had a great day.

Slainte, Lisa

I welcome your thoughts...

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